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missjane_doe's Journal


UPDATE: if you are a healthcare professional, a nurse, a gynecologist, dermatologist or anyone who might be able to help me, please help me. I dont have much time to think about how humiliating it is typing this, I've got serious health problems. There's a huge gap in knowledge and care from the medical community about this disease

For over a year I have had visible signs of HPV. I went to 3 doctors who told me it was nothing. It finally got to the point where I went to a different gynecologist begging for him to help me. He has been treating me for close to 7 months now and while it went away, it came back within 2 weeks of no treatment. I'm losing hope that there's any resolution. If this can happen to me, it can happen to you. The medical profession does not have enough practitioners to deal with this sexually transmitted disease


American Social Health Organization

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