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Elevated SGOT / SGPT - missjane_doe
Elevated SGOT / SGPT
The SGOT and SGPT are chemicals that is made almost exclusively by liver cells. When the liver is irritated or inflamed it can leak SGOT and SGPT into the serum where it can be measured. Your SGOT and SGPT are elevated and it may mean there is on-going inflammation or damage to your liver. On some occasions, individuals run mild elevations of their liver enzymes for years and we never find a cause and we never see evidence of significant problems to the liver.

Our jobs as liver specialists is to find out what is causing the liver inflammation/damage. Once we figure that out, we can decide what we need to do about it. We look for common causes first like alcohol or other medications, excess fat in the liver and hepatitis B and C. We than look for more unusual or exotic causes. I am pleased you will be seeing a specialist to sort this out.
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brite From: brite Date: December 29th, 2006 08:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm leaving this comment because you have no email listed in your user info. You were declined from ask_a_nurse because you didn't read and reply to the rules post. Do so and reapply if you like.
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